Welcome To Globelynx

A global platform elevating brands by connecting experts to broadcasters


Globelynx offers a range of add-on services including software to record and edit videos, live streaming, media training, editorial advice and promotion


Our cloud-based system allows the client to record, store, edit & share videos from the Globelynx camera. So, in addition to being able to do live TV interviews from the workplace, the camera can provide added value by becoming an invaluable tool in creating content for websites or social media campaigns.


Do you have sought-after experts who are reluctant to go on camera? We can provide bespoke training to help break down barriers, take away the fear factor and explain how to prep for live TV interviews. All our trainers are experienced TV news journalists. Contact us here for details: [email protected]


This is the editorial side of our business - a team of journalists led by a former TV news exec with more than 20 years’ experience covering stories in the UK and abroad. They talk with broadcasters every day, provide clients with a daily news list and a weekly lookahead of stories on which TV producers are looking for expert comment. News channels are made aware of available experts via our email alert system. They also come to us directly with requests or browse our expert database here. We are a vital newsgathering tool for many news channels who rely on our editorial nous and our range of quality experts.


Our team of technical staff monitor every booking with TV channels as part of our 24/7 support. Advice & feedback can also be provided on lighting and framing. They all have broadcast operations experience and provide the technical link between client and broadcaster.

Web/Live Streaming

We deliver video content over a stream, so you can use it on your website or on social media platforms.