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Globelynx – The Home Of The Expert

Does your organisation aspire to be a thought-leader in your field?

Have you ever wondered why some institutions and businesses are always called upon to provide expert commentary on television?

Are you looking to expand your influence globally?

Globelynx is the world’s largest community of highly qualified, TV-ready experts. Every day, the biggest global broadcasters use our platform to inform and enhance their news reporting.
We provide our expert partners with an easy-to-use ‘studio-in-a-box’ camera system and connection to the Globelynx network, delivering high quality HD video in broadcast format.


Give Your Organisation The Globelynx Advantage

Our 24/7 Client Support Team ensures that every expert is fully prepared for their interview – wired up for sound, framed, lit and focused professionally. Globelynx interviews allow you to control and customise your own environment from a subtly branded backdrop, to a trading floor or even a cityscape.

Our dedicated Client Partnerships Team work tirelessly on your behalf to make the most relevant connections with global broadcasters. We monitor the latest breaking stories around the clock and distribute targeted alerts, driving the news agenda to our clients. We will capture your experts’ availability daily and then supply briefs to all relevant broadcasters and support the booking process.

Our Globelynx Cameras are custom designed with the express aim of delivering perfect ‘down-theline’ live interviews in broadcast-quality HD. We believe that technology should allow our experts to focus on their content rather than worrying about the quality and reliability of their set-up.

Globelynx Connect is our high-quality mobile application, allowing flexible access to the Globelynx network.

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"I found the whole process of implementing Globelynx - from the initial order through to installation - to be slick, straightforward and seamless, with fantastic support from everybody involved. An additional bonus was the industry insight and guidance that we received in getting started - which helped us to secure 25 TV interviews in our first six weeks of operation, across networks including the BBC, Sky, ITV, CNBC and France24."

- Russell Reader

Head of Media Engagement, Lancaster University