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TV Interview Training With Globelynx

Broadcast Training 

Learn how to position your business as a go-to source for expert opinion. Find out what media and broadcast bookers are looking for in a contributor. Expand your pool of TV-ready experts by raising confidence and skills across the group. Our expert trainers can give you the tools you need to control your own narrative, as well as cultivate and hone your professional personality in front of the camera. 

Why Broadcast Training?

There is no better way to build confidence and media skills than with focused TV interview training. Our team can help you to construct your TV-personality, learn how to present in a discussion or debate, and deliver practical tips on how to set-up for a smooth broadcast experience. Remote working means that more meetings and interviews are taking place from your own home. Looking good on camera and using video wisely has never been more important.

Why Choose Globelynx For TV Interview Training?

We are the Home Of The Expert. We have twenty years of experience working with professionals and experts in their fields to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and techniques to deliver their message on-air. All of our broadcast trainers are experienced TV news journalists from a variety of backgrounds. Our entire team is equipped to draw on real-life broadcast situations and scenarios, to help you to prepare for anything a TV interview may throw at you. 

What’s Included In Globelynx Broadcast Training

Sessions can range from a couple of hours to a couple of days in duration based on your needs. We can host sessions at Globelynx HQ in London, travel to a location of your choosing or deliver sessions remotely over the internet. Our broadcast interview skills course will help you engage with a range of audiences, empowering you with the skills that you need to deliver your key messages with confidence.

You will learn how to prepare, plan and take control of all types of online presentations, interviews, panel discussions and podcasts.

You will learn journalistic techniques to enhance your delivery and bring your presentations to life. You will have the opportunity to rehearse key messages and answer questions on projects, reports or other topics in your field of expertise.

You will also learn techniques for reducing nerves. We show you how to harness your nervous energy to enhance your performance and engage with your audience. We include plenty of practical exercises and one-to-one tuition, making the training highly relevant, challenging and stimulating.

You will learn how to:

Plan and prepare systematically for all online presentations, interviews and panel discussions.

Make sure you have the right background, lighting and attire.

Identify and communicate your key messages

Anticipate questions and plan appropriate answers whist staying on message.

Hone your messages and get them across with more professionalism.

Overcome nerves

Present to camera

Look good on camera – eye contact, posture and body language

Sound good – Voice control, pitch, pace and tone. Adapt your style and language to your audience and medium

Deal with challenging questions, focus attention on your key points and make them resonate with your audience

Handle awkward questions or hostile questions

Close interviews positively and with confidence