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React Native was created by Facebook to accelerate and reduce the cost of developing mobile applications. It is clear that React Native is currently the best solution for creating cross-platform mobile applications.

Under the hood React Native uses the Javascript bridge to interpret the UI components for rendering, and then calls Objective-C or Java API to display the corresponding iOS or Android component. This bridge is an extra layer of abstraction that may cause a more extended and laborious development process.

The React Native solution was used in the development of Facebook Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Airbnb, Yeti Smart Home, Uber Eats and many more. The projects speak for themselves.

With the development of React Native technology and gaining more and more trust from the community, tools began to appear to facilitate and accelerate development based on React Native technology — such as ready-made libraries of UI components.

In this article we will share a list of the best free React Native UI Kits, which designers and React Native developers can use to jumpstart the design & development of their next mobile project.

What is a React Native UI component?

React Native Component is a mobile application element that is isolated from other elements and can be reused several times. For example, it can be a button to buy a product or a subscription.

Why use React Native UI component libraries?

Much like React itself, React Native encourages you to build your UI using isolated components. Component libraries and UI toolkits help you save time and build your applications faster using a pre-made set of components.

The UI Kit for React Native is a very useful thing. It’s basically a set of ready-made interface elements (and sometimes APIs) you can use when creating your application. Thus, you can release an MVP project in a matter of weeks, saving time on development of interface components and concentrating on the business logic itself. Of course, there are a lot less UI Kits for React Native than there are for React.js, but all of these existing are made by professionals, each in the same style.

How to choose a React Native UI component?

In order to choose a library or an already written application with ready-made RN components, you can use the following decision-making criteria:

  • Price;
  • Easy to start;
  • Popularity (stars on GitHub);
  • Quality and support speed;
  • Performance;
  • Design;
  • Easy to use;
  • Documentation.

React Native UI components


GitHub stars: 1k

Price: Free, $49.95, $349.95

License: Mozilla Public License 2.0


Type of support: Dedicated support via email

Documentation: Full documentation