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Globelynx connects more experts to more broadcasters in more countries than anyone else. News channels book with us every day because we deliver live interviews in broadcast-quality HD – professionally framed, lit and focussed - which is how TV producers want to see specialists presented. The company was founded in 2001 and began offering financial experts live from trading floors in London’s financial district. In 2011 Globelynx became part of PA Media Group, the UK’s biggest and most trusted national news agency. The company began to expand into other sectors including education, working with some of the UK’s top universities, as well as some well renowned independent research centres like The Met Office. The expansion continues overseas with clients added across Europe, APAC and North America as the company is increasing its global reach and underlining its position as The Home of the Expert.


Not only does Globelynx provide the camera & technology to connect experts to broadcasters but we actively promote clients to news channels daily. Our team of journalists, led by an experienced TV news editor, create and maintain that link between the media and our clients so TV producers know where to turn for specialist comment on breaking and developing news stories. The self-operated camera is easy to use, provides brand exposure from the client’s office and saves time for the expert - allowing them to be interviewed from the workplace rather than travelling to a TV studio.


In a world where anyone can Skype for free, we offer a professional service which delivers a high standard of audio and vision for the broadcasters. When experts are called upon to deliver insight on the day’s top news or business stories, how they’re presented should match the calibre of their analysis. This is what Globelynx delivers daily to news channels around the world. In addition, the broadcaster saves on studio and satellite costs, as the camera is in the expert’s office and the signal is delivered over the internet, and saves resources, as the interview is delivered without the need to send a TV camera crew or journalist.