American Politics Experts

American Politics Experts

Globelynx experts available for interviews throughout the campaign

Trevor McCrisken

US Politics and International Studies

An expert US foreign policy, culture and politics. Trevor's areas of particular interest consist of: the use of the US military force and the '...

Ian Shepherdson

Chief Economist

Ian is the founder of independent economic research firm, Pantheon Macroeconomics. A Briton who has focussed on the US economy for the past 20...

Mark Shackleton

Professor of Finance

Mark writes on financial options, operational flexibility, market volatility, mortgages, house prices and investments particularly in the area of...

Lindsay Newman

N.America Political Risk

Lindsay qualified as a lawyer at NYU, where she received her juris doctor (JD) degree. Lindsay received her Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude with...

Malcolm Craig

Humanities & Social Science

Dr Craig is an expert on US politics, foreign policy and culture. He can also discuss nuclear proliferation, particularly as it relates to the US...

Christopher Phelps

Associate Professor American History

A historian of modern American political and intellectual life, Christopher's areas of research includes American political history and elections...

Ben Margulies

International Politics

An American from Texas, Ben’s research background is primarily in comparative politics. He can cover both US and European issues .

John Raines

US Political Analyst

US political analyst at Janes with a focus on the risk implications of elections and a change of Presidency.

Sohrab Ahmari

Editorial Writer

Editor of the Europe edition of The Wall Street Journal, Sohrab is an english speaking Iranian-American. He co-edited the succesful book Arab...

Alex Smith

Professor of Sociology

Alex possesses sociological expertise on both American and British politics and is the author of a book on Scottish conservatives and devolution...

Georg Lofflmann

American Politics

Georg joined the Political and International Studies department as a US Foreign Policy and American Political expert. His knowledge also extends...

Professor Peter Ling

American History

An American history expert who is available to speak on African American history and non-violence and social justice. He has published previous...

Todd Landman

Professor of Political Science

An expert in Democracy and its development, Todd is the Pro-Vice Chancellor at Nottingham with responsibilty for the Faculty of Social Sciences...

Larry Hatheway

Group Chief Economist

Larry plays a key role in asset allocation in the Multi-Asset Class Solutions business. Prior to joining GAM he was chief economist at UBS...

Tom Long

Politics and International Relations

Tom can discuss Brazil's politics and the backlash the government has faced in hosting a World Cup and an Olympics in such a short space of time...

Simon Evenett

International Trade and Development

A former World Bank official and free trade expert, Simon is Director of Global Trade Alert. He focuses on competition in emerging markets,...


A live trading floor which can be booked by journalists for on-site broadcasts for coverage of elections, Budget Day and other major financial...

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